Revamped And Ready To Go
Revamped And Ready To Go

Revamped And Ready To Go

Back in August 2012, I had a dream of starting a Tech based website that would allow me to share my passion with the world. Now I thought hard to what it could be called – and really as the site was going to be about technology and technical information, Techno-Info seemed to fit.

Changes through the years

Now, 6 years ago this month the site started but through the years since it has changed lots.

The first year or two it was all about technology – technology I was using and enjoying. However, with so many other technology sites out there its difficult to get found.

So, we tweaked it a little and did a few other post types. Then both my time, and the co-author, had other things on our plate so the updates did stop. Then I found a tool that did some pulling and auto-posting. I thought I would test it on the site, though I was never happy with the result as I wanted it to pull just a little and give links to the full articles.

So, when I am not happy then it had to stop. That was probably the last real change we made – to go auto. The topics coming in were still technology based but I wanted to start putting my own stamp on it.

New host, a new site

This continued until the previous hosting ended. I didn’t immediately copy the site across as I wanted to think what to do. 

So, heres the thing. The hosting name has been resubscribed for 2 more years and I have paid for some new hosting. Now, I have a couple other blogs out there but not one on technology – so I want to take another shot, another try at creating a technology site that is fun for me to share and also, hopefully, fun for you to read. 

I want to share, I want to answer questions, I want to give tutorials. There are many things I want to do… So, I’ve given myself just 2 years to get this running to the level I want – and if not then I will call it a day.

So, here’s to the next 2 years. Let’s hope they are good ones…

There is a twist though…

See, most Tech Sites really talk to a younger generation from my experience. Being slightly older myself I wanted to focus and share in a way that the older generation of us can really relate too. Hopefully, I will succeed at this 🙂

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