My Technology History
My Technology History

My Technology History

I wanted to share my story, my history with technology. I want to share with you my experience so that you understand the place I am coming from, and what I can offer as part of this shared experience.

So, let me begin sharing where it all started…

Where it all started…

When I think about it, it started a LONG time ago… in a galaxy not so far away. If you’re of a younger age reading this, then you’re about to think of me as an older man… Truth is, I probably am more so these days, but let me begin…

So, it all started around 1980, yep that’s 38 years ago as of the date or writing this. I was 10 (getting the calculators out to work that one out…) and I used to go into an electronics shop – that has since ceased trading.

So, back in the year 1980 (makes it seem even longer ago in that sentence) I used to go to this electronic shop and they had on display an Atari 400 and 800 computer – quite expensive at the time.

I used to type in my name, as  you did until one day someone told me a program:

  • 10 Print “Sean”
  • 20 goto 10

And then I was hooked. I knew that I was going to be involved with technology in some form or another.

I started a paper round…

I knew I wanted my own computer, but they were VERY expensive. So, I started a paper round, delivering papers for a small amount each week. Soon I had saved up enough to by a ZX81 with a 16k expansion. I had my own personal computer.

ZX81 Computer

Now, this wasn’t a very powerful computer. The programs you could write were smaller in size, but magazines at the time listed games and programs you could write. There was even a book or two I borrowed from the library on programming this small but fun computer.

I cut my teeth, so to speak, on this computer and it propelled me onwards.

The computers got more powerful…

So, from my ZX81 I went up to a Commodore 64 – this was the machine then. This was about 1982-83, can’t remember which it was (think it was more 83).

Commodore 64 Computer

At the time there were 2 home computers to have, the ZX Spectrum and the C64 – the C64 was the best 🙂  It was more powerful and had dedicated sound in the SID (Sound Interface Device) chip. Although there was some discussion between the Spectrum and C64 owners, I tried both and can say the C64 had more power, more memory (being 64k) and better games…

The C64 also had a proper keyboard, in that it wasn’t membrane or rubber AND if you pressed a key you got that letter and not a complete word (the Spectrum used to have program command words on the press of keys).

That said, other than following a few computer programs in some magazines I never really did much coding with the C64, it was more about gaming – which wasn’t the cool thing to do then, unlike today.

Onwards and upwards to 16 bit

When I left school and started working (not in technology), I had enough money to upgrade to a 16 bit computer. I went with the Atari 520 STFM (even though many went with the Amiga). I had a thing for Atari computers after they were my first encounter. Plus I loved the design and what it could do.

Atari 520 STFM

The Atari 520 was going to be the first computer that I actually started to learn to program on. Myself and a friend started to write a database program in Power Basic which went quite well – of sorts. To be honest, these days I could write something far more powerful in a fraction of the time – but then it was all about learning.

As it turned out though, I would go Amiga… I eventually sold the Atari and got an Amiga A500 with the 512k expansion, external drive, monitor, Action Replay 3 and a load of other bits.

Amiga A500

The thing about the Amiga is you could get more games on it as it had far superior hardware for running games. Plus you could do a lot more programming wise with the Amiga.

I actually had a few Amiga’s, the A500, A600 and A1200 though the years, that is, until I went back to college.

The college years

When I went back to college, well, it was time to get a PC. I refer to PC in relation to the computer that ran MS DOS (later Windows). See, most of the computer programming languages I was going to learn at College and then University were on the Ms DOS OS.

So, I won’t go through all the configurations, there were so many. There was the 386SX16 as my first machine, 486, 486 X2, P130, P200, P2, P3, AMD, Core 2 Duo, Core 4, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and so on.. I’ve had chips made my AMD, Citrix and Intel. Too many configurations.

My ever changing PC kept me going through College and University, allowing me to both have entertainment with games and the ability to write both code and reports. It made my time so much better.

After University

So, I left Uni with a BSc in Computer Science and heading in to the world. I started as a computer programmer (over 20 years ago now) and quickly moved around to bigger, smaller and different companies. I believe I’ve worked at 9 different companies through the years, each where I learnt a different set of skills. Each where I have exceeded then moved on.

I really enjoyed my time and learnt so much. For example, I was there at the beginning of the smart phone era working for a company writing WAP software (soon to be defunct and move into what we have today). I worked at a large mobile phone company where there were visions of a phone that you could also use to send email, check maps and so on – again before today’s smart phones.

I worked on a project for one of the first 4G roll outs in Japan (though we only provided the SMS service). I’ve worked on other big projects I can’t talk about, projects you probably use a lot of the time and don’t even realise who had involvement.

I’ve got quite a few years of techie know how. I’ve also used Windows, Linux, Apple and lots of other systems and OS – many that you won’t be using at home.

Quite a bit then

So, you can imagine I have quite a bit of knowledge stuck in my head, and its a case of forever learning. I wrote in HTML1 and I have written HTML5. WordPress, one of my favourite CMS, PHP, C++, Java, and so on. I have learnt and I am learning all the time.

If we stopped learning then we would fall behind. 

So, I have quite a bit of experience to share. I also have quite a bit to say – I have always loved technology. I’m also open to having questions asked, so if there something you want help with – I really enjoy helping…

I’m also open to anyone that wants to write and share a post through the site. If you would like to be a guest post writer then do let me know… 

I’m also hoping to get other more permanent writers involved, but we will see how that pans out.

So, if you do have any questions, please reach out to me or leave a comment below.

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