Apple Keynote Event October 2018
Apple Keynote Event October 2018

Apple Keynote Event October 2018

So, it’s been a couple of days now since the Apple Special Event on 30th October 2018 and I wanted to spend a moment and give my thoughts on what was released and what would I buy.

If you’ve not already seen the keynote address for this, then check out the below link to their page and the event video

Apple Keynote Address October 2018

What was annoncued

I don’t want to steal any of the thunder from the keynote video, although the page does already say what was announced. Just to repeate this, the following new hardware items were announced:

  • iPad Pro

  • MacBook Air

  • Mac Mini

Just to clarify, these are new versions of these devices.

The new iPad Pro

So, I have to start by saying I’ve never owned an iPad Pro. I’ve never seen the need to as my iPad Mini 4 does everything I need it to. 

Now, I know they have a bigger screen and they are more powerful than your standard iPad; but they start at £769 for the 11-inch screen and £969 for the 12.9-inch screen.

For this price, I could get quite a good touchscreen laptop that I feel you could do more with. This is just my opinion of course, but that is what this post is about, my opinion on these.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Apple products. I have a MacBook Pro, I have an iPad Mini. In the past I’ve had an iPhone, a Mac Pro and a number of Mac Mini’s. 

However, I don’t see the use case that would allow me to pay the much for a tablet when I could get more power for the money.

Someone could say that you can buy the keyboard and turn it more into a computer. I have a keyboard for my iPad Mini and it makes it much easier to use, but its still not a computer.

My opinion is that it’s not worth the money – but for some, they may have a use case that makes it worth it. For me, it’s not. It feels overpriced and underpowered for being a tool in my toolbox.

MacBook Air

I have always like the MacBook Air. I did consider buying one back in 2012, but the lack of a Retina screen meant I bought a 13-inch MacBook Pro instead.

So, I was excited to find out that the new MacBook Air had a Retina screen. Let’s face it, the older model screen resolution really didn’t cut it for todays workflow.

So, I was really excited but then was let down by the processor. So, they decided to go with a dual-core processor, not even the latest line of processors.

I would have hoped that, being a new model, they would have gone with the latest CPU technology (like the Mac Mini which I will talk about soon) which would have made this a real buy.

Priced at £1199 and £1399 for a computer that only had a dual-core i5 is just a bit pricy. There are many ultra-light and ultra-portable computers out there these days and at this price point they need to have more processing power.

So, I initially started of excited, but they felt a little deflated.

Mac Mini

This was the highlight of the releases for me. 

I have to say that I have always loved the Mac Mini. I have had 4 different models to date. I had the old white box Core Duo model. I had the i5 version of the first without a drive (can’t remember the model number). Then I had a 2015 model which I sold and bought a 2013 i7.

The last i7 model I had I really tweaked out with 2 750gb drives, more memory etc. 

So, as I say I do love the Mac Mini and I feel that this release was the best one yet.

Firstly they are using the 8th Gen Processors. This was an instant plus over the Air. They come in 2 models (which can be upgraded by Apple to more powerful processor, memory, etc).

They have the 4-core i3 and a 6-core i5 model.

Price is just £799 for the 4-core i3, and £1099 for the 6-core i5 which makes them a very resonable price.

I always found the Mac Mini a great entry Apple computer, but still powerful enough to do most things. I used mine to edit and render video, create music as well as code and other daily tasks.

My opinion is, that, if you want to grab a new Apple Computer, this is the one to look at and go for.

More tech detail

Note, I haven’t gone into lots of detail on the specs of all these. This is just my opinion and, I encourage you to go to the link above, take a look at the detail and read in more details on the specs.

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